Biological Determinism

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  • Published : November 6, 2006
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Culture overrides predisposed genetics in determining gender behavior. The significance of biology is that biology is fixed. Each individual's genetic code is established at conception. If genes were to determine exactly who each person would become, then the individual would have no control over the outcome. However, if culture played an important role in determining who each person would be, then the individual could influence the outcome of their own existence. Biological determinists believe that gender behavior is based solely on genetics. There is evidence to suggest that genes determine a person's sex, but culture is the key element in determining the differences between genders and their behaviors.

Aggression is a characteristic displayed by both males and females. The cliché: active boys versus passive girls, originated thousands of years ago when males would go hunting for food to bring back home while the females stayed home to take care of the children. Janet Hyde of the University of Wisconsin-Madison conducted a study to show that when women are given to opportunity to show aggression without feeling like they must conform to society's perceptions, women can be just as violent and aggressive as men. Why is it that society feels the need for women to repress their aggression and why have women abided by this de facto? The reason simply being, that men were allowed to dominate a woman both sexually and reproductively. Women became men's private property, and in order to secure their economic status, class privileges while abiding by the states laws, they became nurturers. Society created the definition of a nurturer as being a woman whose life should be devoted to creating comfort for her family. The image of a woman whose job is to take care of children and clean the house, is discordant with aggressive behavior. Women's brains slowly evolved, creating this passive woman. Along with the evolution of passive women, men's dominance slowly took root...
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