Biological Characteristics of Organizational Behavior

Topics: Gender, Sexual orientation, Female Pages: 4 (1217 words) Published: October 29, 2012

There are various characteristics that predict an individual behavior in an organization; biological characteristics can be such influence that dominates to both male and female individuals. It is often said that these characteristics are the main contributor in regards to how an individual may function or perform in the working environment. However, biological characteristics are obtained for the purpose of giving managers demographic information about employees in an organization. They are also obtained to difference substantial workers from others. The following are types of biological characteristics that may predict the behavior of individual in an organization: * Age

According to the “Stephen Robbins and Judges” age can be seen as where older workers in the organization bring more experience, good judgment, a strong work ethics, and commitment to the quality of work be carried out. Older person in an organization tend to take their work more seriously and will go the extra miles to meet the needs and criteria of the task that they are ask to be perform by them. These workers are more level headed as one may say and usually out shine younger works because of their skills and abilities towards work. Older workers are motivated to work long hours and normally not absent from work frequently as younger workers. However, younger workers are more persistent to time than work, and show little or no interest towards work. They are normally more absent or late for work and are lack experiences and commitment towards work. While it is said, that older workers are lacking flexibility, resistant to new technology and change. Overall the older people have a more realistic view of work and life.

* Gender
There are normally few differences between males and females workers that will affect job performance in an organization. Both workers are normally motivated toward work and are capable of handling any task put before them....
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