Biological Basis of Diseases

Topics: Cerebrum, Hippocampus, Memory Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: June 14, 2011
Romero W1A3: Case Study: Biological Basis of Diseases
Due: Sunday, May 22, 2011

The most current thoughts and theories on the cause of Alzheimer's Diseases is that Minnie is forgetting things, calling her oldest son, Chester, her husband's name, getting upset easily, and speaking in Italian. The theories would be the children looking up the information from the signs their mother is showing of the Alzheimer's Diseases and deciding if she should have extensive testing or going to the doctor and letting the doctor put Minnie on some kind of treatment plan.

The parts of the brain that are affected by Alzheimer's Diseases is the frontal lobe, the temporal lobe, and the parietal lobe. The changes that occur leads to nerve cell death and tissue loss throughout the brain. Then over time the brain will shrink dramatically, affecting nearly every function or part. One part of the brain that is the hippocampus and the shrinkage is severe and also plays a key role in the cortex which it shrivels up damaging areas that are involved in thinking, planning, and remembering stages. The normal functions of the brain is the left and right sides of the brain is called the hemispheres. The left side interprets the information such as math, reasoning, language, and abstract thought. The right side interprets the hand-eye coordination, death perception movements requiring abilities governs visual memories and audios. The frontal lobe controls memory and cognition, the parietal lobe is responsible for the senses and discriminating between different sensory inputs, the occipital lobe, controls the function of interpreting images, the temporal lobe, governs the behaviors of speech and language and the retrieval of informational memories, and limbic system and limbic lobes control the emotions related to rage, fear, sex, rhythms, and short-term memory. All of these is true as long as they are functioning , if one is not functioning then they will all work against each other....
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