Biological Approach Bipolar Disorder

Topics: Mental disorder, Psychology, Schizophrenia Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: November 5, 2012
Biological Approach Bipolar Disorder

“The biological approach looks for its roots of mental disorders in the brain’s circuitry.” (Kowalski, R., & Westen, D.) When using the biological approach the mental health professional is looking for problem with how a person brain is functioning. It is their belief that it is more of a medical cause for a person’s problems. The brain is studied to see if it is functioning proper and if it is not what the possible causes may be. It is known that different portions of the brain are responsible for different actions and reactions from the mind and body. If something in the brain is not functioning properly then there is a good chance that could be the cause for the person’s mental issues.

Neural circuits are responsible for the brains functions and if one or more are not working properly a mental disorder could arise. There have been studies done with the use of neural imaging to prove that certain parts of the brain react differently to different types of stimulus. Even though it can be shown on images how the brain works not everything can be seen on a screen. “A biological marker is a measurable indicator of a disease which may or may not be causal.” (Buchsbaum, M. S., & Haier, R. J.) These biological markers are what researchers look for when examining the brain. The biological researcher may look for one of four types of markers etiological indicators, challenge markers, disease markers and linkage markers. A person could have one or more of these markers. Many of these markers are inherited from a person’s parents which is why medical professional need to have a good detailed medical history from the patient.
This is also why family history is important when attempting to diagnose an illness. Whether it be a physical or mental illness a person’s genes have a great deal to do with whom they are and how they act. The biological approach also looks to family history as it is now believed that many mental...
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