Biological and Humanistic Approaches to Personality

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  • Published : April 19, 2011
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Assessing Yourself on the Big Five
Ten-Item Personality Inventory (TIPI)
Here are a number of personality traits that may or may not apply to you. Please write a number next to each statement to indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with that statement. You should rate the extent to which the pair of traits applies to you, even if one characteristic applies more strongly than the other. 1 = Disagree strongly 2 = Disagree moderately 3 = Disagree a little 4 = Neither agree nor disagree 5 = Agree a little

6 = Agree moderately 7 = Agree strongly
I see myself as:

___6___ 1. Extroverted, enthusiastic.

___1___ 2. Critical, quarrelsome.

___7___ 3. Dependable, self-disciplined.

___3___ 4. Anxious, easily upset.

___7___ 5. Open to new experiences, complex.

___7___ 6. Reserved, quiet.

___7___ 7. Sympathetic, warm.

___1___ 8. Disorganized, careless.

___6___ 9. Calm, emotionally stable.

___1___ 10. Conventional, uncreative.

After completing the inventory about yourself, do it again about a classmate, and have the classmate rate himself/herself and rate you. Then calculate the scores for each test. TIPI scale scoring (“R” denotes reverse-scored items—invert ratings of these items before adding to the other rating for that characteristic):

Extraversion: 1, 6R
Agreeableness: 2R, 7
Conscientiousness; 3, 8R
Emotional Stability: 4R, 9
Openness to Experiences: 5, 10R
See how your classmate rated himself or herself and how she or he rated you. Average scores for college students are Extroversion 4.40, Agreeableness 5.23, Conscientiousness 5.40, Emotional Stability 4.83, and Openess 5.38.
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