Biolab Pharmaceutical Company

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivation, Abraham Maslow Pages: 4 (1372 words) Published: August 21, 2012
Unit 3 assignment
GB533: Sales Force Management

Interpret the Problem(s)
Kathryn works as a sales rep manager in Biolab pharmaceutical company that is a huge manufacturer of Ethical drugs noted for its biological and blood related products. Although she was expecting to get a promotion as a reward for her 3 year contribution in the firm, the results came up against her expectations. She didn’t manage to take the promotion as she was accused that she wasn’t able to motivate her sales reps as worked harder. On the other hand, Kathryn states that as her sales reps were new on the job and they are busy on learning the job and that when they learn the job they should try to work harder. She also believes that the compensation policies referring to sales department are very strong motives for sales reps to work harder. Kathryn decided to talk to her manager and explain him that she has worked very hard for the company. She is planning to mention him that the sales managerial literature of the company clarifies that the firm’s compensational policies provide the bulk of motivational thrust.

Examine the Facts
Regarding Kathryn’s case, its obvious that Kathryn’s was invested emotionally in the critique , moreover, we observe a personality that has no motivational skills as she seems not to recognize and understand the value motivating others in order to perform well and add value to the firm. She seems to have no idea of what motivates people in a work field as she doesn’t bother to understand her reps and help them interested for the job, feel secure or well informed about growth and promotional opportunities recognizing their efforts, and showing empathy to their problems. Kathryn’s philosophies about motivation are mistaken. During the conversation with her husband Kathryn states that because she was the one that hired the sales reps, the one who trained them and sets all the compensation policies she has done her work above average. Although I agree...
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