Biol 373

Topics: Final examination, Human physiology, Physiology Pages: 5 (1498 words) Published: March 11, 2013
BIOLOGY 373 – Principles of Human Physiology 2
Instructor: Dr. Heidi Engelhardt ext 38133, B1-280

Winter 2013

Course Description: This course outlines the physiology of several major organ systems of the human body. Topics include the central nervous system, sensory physiology, endocrine regulatory mechanisms, renal function, digestion, the endocrine control of metabolism and growth, and reproduction. The combination of BIOL 273 and BIOL 373 covers all the major physiological systems. Assumed Background: The course is designed for students with a basic understanding of the structures of the biologically relevant macromolecules and cell biology (as provided by the BIOL 130 prerequisite). This material will not be reviewed in class. Fundamental concepts of cell-cell communication and homeostasis from BIOL 273 will also be assumed, and will be reviewed only briefly. Communication / Office Hours: After lectures is ideal most days. If you are dropping by at other times it is best to give me a heads-up to make sure I can be there. Preferred method of communication is email. LEARN site: Look here for a downloadable version of this course outline, FAQs, exam info, your grades and PowerPoint lecture outlines. Either check the website often or set your notifications to let you know if anything new has been posted. It is your responsibility to check the course LEARN site frequently for course announcements. Lack of website access due to non-payment of fees is your problem, not ours. Lectures: Tues/ Thurs M3 1006 10:00-11:20 am

The PowerPoint files available on LEARN are not your ‘notes’, but can form the basis of your notes. Full course content can only be obtained by attending classes. If you miss a lecture, you will need to obtain notes from a classmate or make your own notes by consulting the PowerPoint outlines and the textbook. Required Materials: i>clicker: textbook: $40 Silverthorn, D.U. Human Physiology: An Integrated Approach, 6th edition (older editions are also acceptable but chapter, page, figure references will be for this edition)

 Mastering A&P is not required for this course. However, students wanting extra practice questions are welcome to access this material. (link in LEARN; course ID MAPENGELHARDT42855) Website access can also be purchased separately (see FAQ in LEARN for details).  There is a 5% grade component associated with the participation in clicker sessions. Clicker participation makes only a very small contribution to your grade, but these in-class sessions provide valuable feedback for yourself (and for me) on how well topics are understood. Evaluation* midterm 1 midterm 2 final exam clicker participation

25% 25% 45% 5%

Tuesday February 12, 5:30-6:50 pm Wednesday March 13, “ as scheduled by registrar throughout the term

*You must pass one midterm and the final exam to pass the course.  If you fail one midterm and do not write the other, you will be required to write a supplemental exam during the final exam period in addition to the normal final exams. (See Policy on Missed Exams)  If your final mark adds up to 50% or more but you did not pass at least one midterm and the final exam, your final grade will be 45% or your actual earned grade, whichever is lower. All exams will be multiple choice format. The final exam will be cumulative i.e. include material from the entire term. Note that student travel plans are not considered acceptable grounds for granting an alternative time for final exams.

Lecture Topics 1. Homeostasis, Cell-Cell Communication Revisited Negative & positive feedback, feed forward Cell communication - short-, medium- and long-range Receptors and signal transduction Modulation of signal pathways Homeostatic reflex pathways 2. Central Nervous System (CNS) Evolutionary and developmental aspects Organization; Blood-brain barrier Spinal cord Brain 3. Sensory Physiology General properties of sensory...
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