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  • Published: December 3, 2013
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Biol 2010, Introduction to Biology: Cell Biology and Genetics, fall 2012 Instructor: David Kittlesen, Ph.D., 982-5639
Teaching assistants: Melissa Aikens ( & Danielle Racke ( Instructor and TA office hours and locations to be posted on our course Collab site, under Schedule Required text: How Life Works, preliminary edition, Morris et al. Meeting times and locations:

Lectures: MWF, 11-11:50am in Chemistry 402 or 1-1:50pm in Gilmer 130 Semester exams: 9/21, 10/19, and 11/9, 3-5pm, Chemistry 402 or Clark 108 as assigned Final exam: **NOTE: FINAL EXAM DATE AND TIME DEPEND ON YOUR SECTION! If registered in section 1 (schedule # 11977, 11am class): Sat, Dec 15, 9am-noon, Chem 402 If registered in section 2 (schedule # 10372, 1pm class): Mon, Dec 17, 9am-noon, Gilmer 130 Optional review sessions: non-exam Fridays, 3-5pm, Chemistry 402 and Clark 108 Course description

A broad yet intensive introduction to modern biology designed for prospective natural science majors and premedical students. Chemistry fundamentals, biological structure and function, cell biology, and genetics are covered. This course is required for all biology majors and is a prerequisite for most upper-level biology courses.

Exam, grading, and attendance policies
There will be a total of four exams (including the final exam), each counting as 25% of your final semester grade. The final exam will focus on the material covered since the third exam but, like all previous exams, will be somewhat cumulative as the course builds upon previously established foundations. A small component (~10%) of the final will be comprehensive. Exam questions will come from both lectures and the assigned readings, and success in this course will require that you interpret and apply concepts, not just memorize facts. By remaining enrolled in this course you are making a commitment to take the Friday afternoon (3-5pm) exams, and the final exam, as scheduled—late exams will not be...
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