Biohemi, Inc.

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Marketing Pages: 3 (700 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Haixiang Yu
ACC 308
Jan.17, 2013

“BioHemi, Inc.”
I strongly disagree to continue to sell the old product and complete the fix-price contracts. I am sure that the unemulsified plasma product allows more people to be infected with AIDS and it had been proved by CDC in 1983. I am an accountant who is responsible to generate profits for the company, but it is reasonable for a professional accountant to considerate ethics first.

Ethics is moral philosophy, which means that people have strong beliefs about what is right and wrong. The judgment may come from our parents, teachers and friends, which is closely related to the environment for the growth of individual and the culture of country. Even though there are a large number of environmental and cultural differences, people are supposed to achieve their purposes on the basis of helping others, at least it cannot be harmful to others. Obviously, sales of the old product will hurt others deeply and making new version of product will be beneficial to each other.

Business exists to create wealth, which include creating customer value and generating profit. Although individuals now focus more on profit than ever, it is only a part of business. In other words, business is to meet customers’ satisfactions. In primitive society, people used an item which they do not need to exchange another one needed. In this case, everyone was both seller and buyer; they felt satisfied because they all got what they want. Therefore, if BioHemi, Inc. continues to sell old product and complete the fix-price contracts, the trade will benefit the company and do harm to customer. As a professional accountant, I am responsible to make decisions which are able to make profit in a long term. The best way to make long term profit is to provide customer reliable information so that the company can establish strong relationship with customer and own customer loyalty and retention. Perhaps BioHemi, Inc. will meet profit margin and...
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