Biography on a Classmate

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Biography on Jody Thacker
This quote reminds me so much of Jody. “Growing up, sports is my outlet, my way to portray a personality. I was very shy around people, but through sports, something I was good at, I was able to make friends,” by Curtis Joseph. Jody Lee McKenzie Thacker was born on March 20, 1996, in Alexandria, Louisiana. His parents, Curtis and Cheryl Thacker were very excited to have another child. Their first child Jeremy, who was fourteen years of age, was very happy to have a little brother. Jody and his family have lived in Hicks, Louisiana for a long number of years. He currently goes to Hicks High School, where his mother graduated from. His dad, however, did not go to Hicks, but instead went to a high school in Georgia. Besides his dad, his other family members have went and graduated from Hicks. He enjoys going to school at Hicks. He likes going to learn about new things from all of his teachers. While talking to some of his classmates about him, I have learned a few things. Some say that he a very quiet guy and that he should work as a security guard for Abercrombie & Finch. Others say he is a good friend and funny once you get him to talk to you. Joycelyn, however, said, “Jody is very quiet in class, but outside of school when he does talk he is very funny. He also never gives anyone any trouble, and is a very easy guy to get along with. Unlike most of the guys that out there.” So if you know him out of school, then you would say that Jody is a good guy to talk too, but in school he won’t talk to you very much. He likes to play sports at his school. Jody plays baseball and runs cross country. They are the two favorite sports that he likes to play. He likes to run cross country, so that by the time it gets to baseball season he will be in shape. He also likes to run cross country because it helps get some frustration and anger out of his system. The sport that he loves the most is and will always be baseball. Ever since he was...
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