Biography on Tourism Economics of Thomas J. Iverson

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Biography on Tourism Economics of Thomas J. Iverson

Thomas J.Iverson has worked at the University of Guam, as professor of economics. After he has taught mangement information sysytem. He has done economic impact study for one of largest ocean preserve on planet. Furthermore he act as consultant with Global Development network and Asian Development bank. Some of his research interest were sustainability, forecasting and resident attitude. He has published journals and articles on tourism.In this research work the main focus is on his evolutionary phase,the methodolgy of research, the next research method he will use and how it will be beneficial for business management. EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS:

Thomas J.Iverson has a phenomenal image in history. He came up with an idea of institutionalism and sustainable development. In this chapter, he seems to be a person with a wide variety if interests as he started his career in 1973 as an Assistant Insructor, University of Texas and ended up teaching at University of Guam in 1988. Throughout he had a strong desire to pursue his career in tourism he has also shown tremendous interest in embracing his skills in multiple domains like microcomputers, psychology, and information systems which depicts his thirst for gathering knowledge. Unlike other economists, Iverson commenced his career with math though his objective was tourism.’Subsequently he switched to real “price and quantity” of economics when he realized the unreality of math’s “x &y” (Iverson, T, 2011, p91). He inculcated institutionalism and learned economics as a “Disciple”of Ray Marshall at the University of Texas. His ambition to follow Marshall’s footsteps were ruined when Marshall was selected as Secretary of Labor for president Jimmy Carter. He then accepted to write with graduate centre of Kentucky State University after finishing his doctorate in 1980. He kept on training himself with new challenges in microcomputer, orgnizational...