Biography of Yuan Shi Kai

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  • Published : May 30, 2012
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Biography of Yuan Shi Kai
Yuan Shi Kai, a military leader, world leader, and a government official of China was born in 1859, Henan Province, China. He was a Chinese general and politician famous for his influence during the late Qing Dynasty, his role in the events leading up to the abdication of the last Qing Emperor of China, his autocratic rule as the second President of the Republic of China (following Sun Yatsen), and his short-lived attempt to revive the Chinese monarchy, with himself as the "Great Emperor of China."(Laing). Rose to fame

Yuan Shikai rose to fame by participating in the First Sino-Japanese War as the commander of the Chinese stationary forces in Korea. He avoided the humiliation of Chinese armies in the war when he was recalled to Beijing several days before the Chinese forces were attacked. As an ally of Li Hongzhang, Yuan was appointed the commander of the first New army in 1895. As the officer most directly responsible for training China's first modernized army, Yuan gained significant political influence and the loyalty of a nucleus of young officers: by 1901, five of China's seven divisional commanders and all other senior military officers in China were his proteges. After the Wuchang uprising and the advent of the republic, Sun Yat Sen was elected as the first president of China. And because they did not have the strong point in military, the Republic compromised with Yuan who also was the mastermind behind the abdication of the Child Emperor. With this, he was elected Provisional President of the Republic of China, replacing Sun Yat Sen. During 1913 to 1915 period, he acted as the President of China. Another attempt by Yuan to sustain his power in the country was restoring the Monarchy with himself as the Emperor in 1915. However, this ended with another loss to Japan, and he was forced to accede to Twenty-One Demands. Faced with widespread opposition, Yuan repeatedly delayed the accession rites to appease his foes, but his...
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