Biography of the Yash Raj Chopra

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Born : September, 27, 1932
Location: British India(Now Pakistan)
Nationality: Indian
Occupation: Director, Filmmaker, Script Writer, Producer
Years active: 1959–2012
Spouse(s): Pamela Yash Chopra
Children: Aditya Chopra & Udday Chopra
Relatives: Baldev Raj Chopra (Brother) & Dharam Raj Chopra (Brother) THE YASH RAJ CHOPRA


At the starting of his career Yash Chopra worked as an assistant director for his director-producer brother, Baldev Raj Chopra. Chopra was born on 27 September 1932 in Lahore, British India (now in Pakistan),to a Punjabi family. The youngest of eight children, the oldest of whom was almost 30 years his senior, he was largely brought up in the Lahore house. Baldev Raj Chopra then was a film journalist. Chopra went to Jalandhar in 1945 to continue his education and later moved to Ludhiana in Punjab (in India) after the partition. He originally sought to pursue a career in engineering. However, his passion for film-making led him to travel to Bombay (now Mumbai) where he initially worked as an assistant director to I. S. Johar, and then for his director-producer brother, Baldev Raj Chopra. Life & Career

* Early Stage
Chopra received his first directorial opportunity in 1959 with the social drama Dhool Ka Phool produced by his elder brother B.R. Chopra. The film was well received by critics and became the fourth highest grossing film of the year. Encouraged by their success, the Chopra's made another hard-hitting social drama, Dharmputra (1961) which was one of the first films to depict the partition of India and Hindu fundamentalism. The film was disrupted by violent demonstrations in response to its raw depiction of the partition riots and related sloganeering. This led Chopra to never make a political film again.


Chopra's collaboration with his brother continued in the form of the 1965 film Waqt. The film became a commercial and a critical success and is acknowledged as a 'found film' of the 'lost and found' genre. Setting many other trends, it was one of Indian cinema's first multi-starrers, a mode which became increasingly popular among the producers during the 1970s. It also began the now obligatory style of depicting wealth and social class. Additionally, Chopra received his first Filmfare Best Director Award for the film. In 1969, Chopra directed two movies which were again produced by B. R. Chopra. The first was Aadmi Aur Insaan. It was an average grosser. He then directed, Ittefaq(1969), a suspense movie based on a Gujarati play, depicting the events of a single night with Rajesh Khanna in the lead role. Shot in a month and on a low budget, the film was deemed unusual by critics as it was one of the first Hindi films which did not have any songs or an interval. It was eventually declared a semi-hit at the box office and won Chopra another Filmfare award for best director.


In 1971, Chopra founded Yash Raj Films, thus terminating the creative collaboration between him and his brother. His first independently produced film Daag: A Poem of Love (1973), a melodrama about a man with two wives, with Rajesh Khanna in the lead role, was a great success. The name Yash Raj was formed with Daag releasing standing for Yash and Rajesh Khanna. He then made a number of classic cult films starting Amitabh Bachchan and scripted by Salim- Deewaar and Trishul which were great hits and remain popular even today. These films set the trend for the late 70s and 80s, establishing Bachchan as a superstar, in his role as the angry young man. Chopra won yet another Filmfare Best Director Award for Deewaar. Chopra produced, directed and scripted two more films starting Bachchan, unlike his earlier action oriented films, the two cinematic outings were romantic dramas, First, it was Kabhi Kabhie in 1976 followed by Silsila in 1981.Yash Chopra inspired Javed Akhtar to...
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