Biography of Marcel Navarra and Gregoria de Jesus

Topics: Philippines, Andrés Bonifacio, Manila Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: January 2, 2013
Gregoria de Jesús (9 May 1875 – 15 March 1943), also known as Aling Oriang,was the founder and vice-president of the women's chapter of the Katipunan of the Philippines.She was also the custodian of the documents and seal of the Katipunan.She married Andrés Bonifacio, the supremo of the Katipunan, and played a major role in the Philippine Revolution.She has one son from Andrés Bonifacio and five children from Julio Nakpil. She was born in the city of Caloocan to a Catholic middle-class family.Her father, Nicolás de Jesús, was a carpenter who later served as a gobernadorcillo.As a young girl, she was an exceptional student and a silver medal recipient in an examination organized by the governor general and parish priest. When she became a secondary school student, she was induced by her parents to stay home and look after her younger sister and the family's farm, since both of her older brothers moved to Manila to continue their education. She joined the Katipunan and fell in love with Andres Bonifacio. Unfortunately, Bonifacio was captured to death. A year later, she returned to her family's house, because she was pregnant. She gave birth to their only son, who she christened Andrés, after her husband.Two months later, during the Holy Week of 1896, Gregoria and her husband returned to Manila to find their house destroyed by a fire. The couple were forced to live in friends' and family houses, but had to move quickly from house to house. A few months later, their child, Andrés, died of smallpox. Julio Nakpil, a commander of the Katipunan troops in northern Philippines. The two fell in love, and were married in a Catholic church on 10 December 1898 in Manila.After the end of the Philippine Revolution and after peace was restored in the Philippines, Gregoria lived with her husband and eight children in a house with a well-known Filipino philanthropist, Dr. Ariston Bautista, and his wife, Petrona Nakpil. The doctor took...
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