Biography of Malcolm Knowles

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Biography of Malcolm Knowles

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Biography of Malcolm Knowles

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One cannot mention Adult Education without making reference to the internationally reputable adult educationist by the name of Malcolm Shepherd Knowles. Malcolm is renowned for leading both as an academician and practitioner who played a crucial role in the development and the application of adult learning across the globe (George, 2011). Background

Malcolm Shepherded Knowles was born in August 24, 1913 in Livingstone, Montana. His parents were Dr. and Mrs. Dr. A. D. Knowles. He loved to participate in sports and outdoor activities from an early age. In addition to this, he was an avid scout during his youthful years. He was also an academically astute student. This was made evident when he graduated at the top of his class from the Palm Beach High School in 1930. Consequently, he was admitted to the distinguished Harvard University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1934. During his stay at this prestigious institution, he took courses in philosophy, literature, history, political science, ethics and international law (George, 2011). He was also fascinated with extracurricular activities. This made him to be appointed the president of the Harvard Liberal Club, general secretary of the New England Model League of Nations, and President of the Phillips Brooks House. His involvement in voluntary service for the latter got him working with boys club and this formed a crucial platform for his fruitful career in adult education and social service.

Malcolm Knowles went on to work with the National Youth Administration in Massachusetts where he was responsible for establishing the skills requirements for local employers and establish a course for the entire study body and teach those skills to the young people. In the course of this work he met Professor Eduard Lindeman...
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