Biography of Foster Hewitt

Topics: Great Depression, Broadcasting, Foster Hewitt Pages: 4 (894 words) Published: December 3, 2007
Life Section

Labeled as a "Canadian radio pioneer," Foster Hewitt through his five decades of radio broadcasting, ignites a flame of hope during the gloomy depression of the 1930's.
It all begins on November 21st, 1905, when Foster Hewitt is born in Toronto, Ontario. His father, a sports editor for the Toronto Star, sparks his interest in sports at an early age. Foster begins to develop an early love for the game of hockey. He starts out by selling crystal sets for some extra cash while attending Upper Canada College, but never made any money due to competition. His father then helped him get a job as a reporter for the Toronto Star where he was further more introduced to sports broadcasting. Hewitt gains experience through mainly just watching and doing odd jobs around the building taking and absorbing everything he could.

The real adventure starts on March, 1923, when Hewitt is asked to broadcast an intermediate hockey game with only three hours notice. He awkwardly agrees to do it. Hewitt describes the conditions in the tiny four foot by 4 foot glass booth as unbearable due to the lack of space and lack of air holes. After the game he vowed never to broadcast a hockey game again. The following day letters from Foster's new found fans overwhelmed the Toronto Star. Foster Hewitt was then asked to continue his broadcasts and this is where his career of fame takes off.

Foster Hewitt's broadcasts were full of facts and packed in with genuine character. He opened every broadcast with "Hello hockey fans," but is more importantly known for the famous phrase, "He shoots, he scores!" Foster Hewitt brought a new element in entertainment to the game of hockey. He was a shining star in a black sky during the miserable times of the depression. He had to fight hard to brighten up the lives of families during this time. Foster's fame grew throughout the years and he was considered to be one of the most famous Canadians in the 1930's receiving over ninety thousand...
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