Biography of Fidel Castro

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  • Published : November 21, 2010
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Fidel Castro
In Cuba on August 13, 1926 Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz was born. Fidel’s mother was the maid to his father, Angel’s, first wife. Once his father divorced his first wife Fidel’s name was changed from Ruz to Castro. Fidel’s’ family was rather wealthy for owning a Creole sugar plantation. Although his parents were both illiterate he went to school to get an education. He was extremely intellectual, but preferred sports instead. “In 1944 was awarded the prize as Cuba’s best all-round school athlete” (Simkin). When he graduated he decided to go to law school and became a lawyer.

However, at school he became very interested in politics. He joined groups like the Partido Ortodoxo- a social justice, honest government and political freedom party, also known as the Cuban people’s party. In 1952, General Fulgencio Batista ruined the Cuban People’s Party’s takeover of office by taking over the country. In their eyes the only solution to their problem would be a revolution. In 1953, there was an attack against the Moncada Army Barracks. The main objective of the attack was to over throw Batista. Unfortunately for them the assault failed. Castro was arrested and thrown into prison. During the imprisonment there were many attempts and orders given out to have Fidel killed. Luckily for him they were ignored. He was still charged fifteen years in prison, but was released after two.

By that time Castro had already built up support around the country. His second revolt against Cuba was much more successful. By 1959 Castro had climbed to the top and was the leader of Cuba. For years Castro ruled and controlled the country. Due to health issues and his physical condition he had to hand down his power permanently to his brother Raul in February 19, 2008. Since that time Fidel Castro hasn’t been seen other than in pictures. Fidel Castro’s current living state is unknown, since his resignation.
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