Biography of Allan Pinkerton

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  • Published : December 17, 2011
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Biography of Allan Pinkerton
November 30, 2011
Sean Wilson

Biography of Allan Pinkerton
Allan Pinkerton was very influential regarding private security. Pinkerton presented ideas as well as actually demonstrated the benefits for private security in comparison to public policing. This paper will not only introduce Allan Pinkerton but will also briefly describe the impact of his ideas on private security. The Beginning

Allan Pinkerton was born August 25, 1819, in Glasgow, Scotland. He fled to United States in 1842 after being arrested for participating in a protest for social reform. He lived in Chicago for one year and then relocated to a town called Dundee in Kane County. He joined the police force where he worked until where he worked for the sheriff and resigned in 1850. New Career

After Pinkerton’s resignation from the sheriff office, he decided to pursue private security work “in order to organize a private detective agency that specialized in railway theft cases ( Pinkerton’s private security agency was immediately a success amongst business for several reasons. Reason one, a security employee could work undercover in efforts to clear suspected inconsistencies in the security of the company. The problems or suspects could be working in a major position and decides to abuse their power. Pinkerton would have a trained officer work on the job to clear up any problems. Private security did not have to work the same as public police so therefore they were able to solve more cases through the use of intimidation tactics. Pinkerton’s agency is responsible for good and bad security but the doctrines developed by Pinkerton are still in use today.