Biography of Alan Moore

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Biography of Alan Moore

Alan Moore, often described as the best graphic writer in history, was born in Northampton, England on November 18, 1953 and still lives there today. It is a city between London and Birmingham. His father was a brewery worker and his mom was a printer. He had one younger brother named Mike. He grew up in a very poor family and neighborhood. His grandmother on his mother’s side lived with his family when he was a little boy. She was very religious and superstitious and left a big impression on him.

He loved to read and read as much as he could when he was a little boy. He also loved reading comic books, both British and American. He did very well in school until he graduated from primary school and attended Northampton Grammar School. It was a culture shock for him because he was going to school with better educated middle class kids and was not at the top of his class anymore. He wound up being expelled from high school for selling LSD.

In the latter part of the 1960’s Alan Moore began getting some of his poetry and essays published in some fanzines and later had his own personal fanzine that he named Embryo. He lived with his parents and had to work several different jobs, one of which was cleaning toilets, while he continued to pursue his writing.

In 1971, Alan Moore met Phyllis, the woman he married and had two daughters with. His daughters names are Amber and Leah. He started doing cartoons during the 1970’s and used the pen names of Jill De Ray, Curt Vile and Translucia Baboon.

Moore contributed to a lot of publications and comics including work for Marvel comics and DC comics. His graphic novel/comic book, Watchmen is considered by some people to be the greatest comic book ever, and he won the Hugo Award for that.

Alan Moore wrote V for Vendetta under DC comics which many consider to be one of his greatest works.

In the late 1980’s Alan Moore left DC comics to work for small, more...
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