Biography and Artwork of Guy Harvey

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Biography and Artwork of Guy Harvey

Guy Harvey was born in Lippspring Germany on September 16 1955. Guy Harvey is a 10th generation Jamaican as his family of German heritage immigrated there in 1664. Guy Harvey grew up next to the islands of Jamaica where there he spent most of his time diving and fishing of the islands southern coast. Guy soon fell in love and was fascinated by all types of fish and sea creatures. He then felt it necessary to re create all of these scenes in art so he began to draw a lot of marine life. Guy's natural gift to recreate the underwater realm has propelled him from Professor of Marine Biology to a Wildlife Artist and Photographer. Guy initially opted for a scientific education, earning high honors in Marine Biology at Aberdeen University in Scotland in 1977. He continued his formal training at the University of West Indies, where he obtained a Doctorate in Fisheries Management. In 1985 guy began to recreate the novel “The Old Man and The Sea” by Ernest Hemingway into a beautiful series of 44 pieces with pen and ink drawings. Guy enterered this artwork into museums in Jamaica. Guy received numerous awards and compliments on his pieces so by 1986 Guy went pro and then began providing artwork for merchandise such as apparel. Guy then became more involved with underwater photography where he traveled the world and became perfected the art of photographing free swimming billfish. Guy Harvey also became involved with scuba diving. Being underwater and on top of it enable guy to really get a better understanding of fish and marine life which makes his artwork that much more better and realistic. The Jamaica Committee presented Guy Harvey the Award of Excellence for his hands-on commitment to marine sciences, his inspired promotion of the protection of the marine environment and his philanthropy. The second is the Vasco Nunez de Balboa Grand Cross- the highest honor the country of Panama bestows on a non-Panamanian. Guy Harvey was...
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