Biographical Narrative- My Neighbor

Topics: A Great Way to Care, Volunteering, Appreciation Pages: 2 (683 words) Published: October 26, 2010
Biographical Narrative
Honors English II
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“There’s always an ending to whatever began” is what my long time neighbor, [NEIGHBORS NAME]said the last day she lived near us as our neighbor. Although I rarely see her anymore, she was, and most likely, still the same enthusiastic person she was. She has gave knowledge to not only me, but my also my family. Not only has she been an inspiration to me, but due to her amiability, she has been a muse person brainstorming about how she can make a better community. [NAME HERE ] is significant to me because she has taught me morals in my life to appreciate whatever we have, the importance of helping around the community, and to apply as much effort on whatever must be accomplished.

[NAME HERE] has always been a peaceful, tranquil, neighbor, yet she has passed down morals to my family. As a senior citizen of 65, she has experienced most things in her life. Because of her age, she most likely will tell the truth about any commodity that must be said. She believes “ the truth can release stress due to lying from the people that are not humane”. This truth has been with her ever since her son has been accused of lying in court to the judge. Although he came out of jail, she hopes this never happens to any of my family members. Hopefully my family will be able to pass this down to my friends and have change lives by helping at least a bit by telling the truth.

Due to her age, she now is limited to go to volunteer work anymore. She went volunteering for at least nine years. Although she did work during this time, she was determined to change the community of [NAME OF YOUR CITY]. But due to her medical problems, they finally caught up to her and behalf of her medical problems, she is in pain almost every day. When we first moved in, she noticed our average sized family of [NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN YOUR FAMILY]. She was the first neighbor to come over to our house and talk about the news and other things....
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