Biographical Lens Huck Finn

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Toni D.
Mrs. Tjarks
English 10
07 March 2013
Biographical Lens Response Essay
Text| Analysis| Research|
“… I could just barely hear a ‘me-yow!’ ‘me-yow!’ down there… sure enough there was Tom Sawyer waiting for me”(Twain 12) – Huck Finn.| Twain directly took his real life friend Tom and used him in the story. Tom Sawyer used the same cat call Twain and Tom would use.| Twain had a friend named tom growing up and they had a secret cat call they’d use when they go on nightly adventures.(Mark Twain).| “’No sir,’ I says, ‘I don’t want to spend it. I don’t want it at all- nor the six hundred, nuther. I want you to take it…’”(Twain 25) – Huck Finn.| Huck gave all his money to Judge Thatcher because he knew his dad was in town. So this shows how Twain felt about his father. And how his father wasn’t good with money.| “John Clemens… dreaming of wealth but never achieving it, sometimes finding it hard to feed his family”(“Mark Twain biography”).|

Text| Analysis| Research|
“Pap warn’t in a good humor-so he was in his natural self”(Twain 35) – Huck Finn.| Twain’s father apparently never smiled. So Huck’s father was made an ‘unsmiling fellow’ to represent Twain’s father.| “He was an unsmiling fellow; according to one legend, young Sam never saw him laugh”(“Mark Twain biography”).|

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