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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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A Day In A Life Of Shinning And Falling
As I was taking off my shoes in the evening, I could clearly see the bruises on my feet. While lying on my bed, I was feeling even more tired. That day had been a very busy day. Charles often calls these days, “Routine day for the Royalties”. Charles and I developed our relationship in the summer of 1980. He was a handsome, 32-year-old Prince. His dark brown hair combed to the left of his head. A gentleman in nature, Charles first invited me on the board of the yacht Britannia, then to meet his family in Balmoral Castle, and finally proposed to me at a dinner at Buckingham Palace. I chose a large, beautiful ring with fourteen diamonds and a blue sapphire in the center. So, we got married on July 29, 1981 at St Paul's Cathedral, London. It was almost like a fairytale wedding. British tabloids called it the “wedding of the century”. All around the world, we were being watched by an audience of around 750 million people. It was amazing. At 11:00 AM, I arrived at the wedding with my father, John Spencer. After I got off the carriage, I walked on the red carpet with a train of gown behind me which was at least twenty five feet. During the vow, I unintentionally reversed Charles’s names. It was a very awkward moment. My body was shaking a little because I was ecstatic and thrilled with all kind of emotions. The wedding cake was gigantic and delicious. When the wedding ended I was a little sad, but also pleased; anxiety and discomfort were a torment. Our honeymoon was an eleven day cruise of the Mediterranean. It was unforgettable. I loved the movies they showed on the cruise, especially For Your Eyes Only of the James Bond: Agent 007 series. In 1982, I gave birth to my first baby. Charles wanted to call him, Arthur. I objected with all my power. I wanted to name him William. So we did. We also agreed that his middle name be Arthur. Two years later, I gave birth to Harry.

As Princess of Wales I am expected to regularly...
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