Biofuels: Agriculture and Better Way

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  • Published : June 6, 2011
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Biofuels are fuels derived from living matters. Since our planet is rapidly becoming polluted scientist have discovered biofuels to help the planet get green. Biofuels are said to help our planet get green but at what cost? Why is using biofuels so bad? But why were they invented? Could it be , that biofuels could still be good? Scientists today are trying to find a better way to produce biofuels . Today biofuels are derived from corn kernels. The scientists are debating whether we should find a better way of extracting biofuels, or continue using corn kernels to extract this necessary fuel.

Whats so bad about using corn kernels for biofuels. The big problem we have today is that corn is a greedy crop that sucks nutrients from the soil and needs lots of fertilizers that are often derived from fossil fuels. Whats even worst is that we are not using the whole entire plant. We are only using the kernels and throwing away the rest of the plant. Since corn is a food crop and we are rapidly getting rid of this food, the cost of corn production will go up. Our economy is already bad ; could we afford this massive change?

I am all for finding a new way to produce biofuels. today scientist can do this by finding a gene that breaks up cellulose, the substance that makes up most of the plant matter and the most abundant organic molecule on Earth. Scientist can do this instead of producing biofuels from corn kernels. Instead of eliminating our food for fuel, we can manipulate a gene to break down cellulose. This way the biofuels are made and we are not killing our natural resource.

California right now is trying to get green. All over california universities are trying to come up with a better way to produce biofuels. However at this moment while California is trying to get more green, they are fully promoting using biofuels. They want to get rid of using gas thats ruining our ozone but we are still killing our own food crops.

While I see both sides of using...
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