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Biosphere 2
Do you remember the movie Biodome? That was the movie done in 1996 about Bud and Doyle who get dumped by their girlfriends ( Their dumping was due to the fact that their girlfriends did not think they were environmentally correct. In order to prove that they were environmentally correct, they get locked in the “Bio-Dome” and have to set a wrong ( Today there certainly is a bio-dome that is owned by the University of Arizona. The funding for the biosphere came from Edward Bass who was a Texas oil Billionaire while the officers of the project were a joint effort of John Allen and Margret Augustine ( The main purpose of the biosphere was to provide clues on how to build a similar habitat as the Earths on Mars or the Moon ( Their mission statement states that they want Biosphere 2, to serve as a center for research, outreach, teaching and life-long information about Earth, its living systems, and its role in the world ( That sounds like a extremely promising mission, except the species that they are growing in the dome are not use to the environmental changes being done. Does this mean that the biosphere 2 is a failure or that with science's help we can learn from the mistakes and find a way to make it better?

Biosphere 2 is a super sealed “greenhouse” enclosing an area of 3.15 acres ( It is in a triangle shape with the only exit and access is through the double airlock doors. When Mission 1 and 2 were done the health of the crew, were monitored by a medical doctor not only within, but outside as well ( Since then the biosphere has kept its triangular shape, but used it for visitors and education. On the left side, of the biosphere is the B2 Institute...
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