Biodiversity and Natural Resources

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May 6, 2013
Biodiversity Loss
Biodiversity loss is a current issue that is affecting the environment around the entire world. Readings from groups like The World Conversation Union (WCU), The World Wild Life Fund (WFF) and The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA) have information concerning the loss of diversity in living organisms like plants, insects, land and aquatic life. The groups mentioned study the loss of biodiversity loss in our environment and how it affects society and life. The authors that publish information regarding biodiversity loss explore methods of conserving wild life and natural resources to prevent further destruction of our earth. Authors also make it noted to publicize the issue related to biodiversity loss to make the public aware of the consequences of destroying resources, habitats, and living organisms The affects of biodiversity loss is a major concern that most people and business overlook and will destroy our natural resources people depend on for fuel, water, food, stable climate causing devastating affects. There will be four sections of this paper to show the consequences of biodiversity loss. The first section of this paper there will be a brief explanation of what biodiversity loss is. The second will describe factors lead to loss of biodiversity loss . The third section will describe how bio-diversity loss will affect the future with sub sections about global warming, food, and the extinction of certain species. The final section is about the cost and steps to take to prevent loss in bio-diversity loss. The definition of biodiversity loss is “ Diversity among and within plant and animal species in an environment ” ( example, there are 20,000 species of bees known to man( Biodiversity is one in itself when it comes to affecting the entire planet. Without diversity among different plants and species there would be less food, water, and natural resources. It is common knowledge that bees pollenate plants to grow, a task that mankind would not be able to do themselves on a scale large enough to feed the entire population. The importance of biodiversity is more critical than most people know. Among animal and insects there is a diversity of living plants. Without certain plants that animals and insects depend on to live there is extension among that species of that animal or insect The same applies to plants that depend on the the pollination of bees or the overgrowth that is cut back by deers that feed on small shrubs and fruits. The environment depends on bio-diversity to survive and to supply natural resources to be used for services like fuel, food, and water for the human race. Biodiversity loss also is studied by how it changes over time from different habitats like land, air, and sea( 1). Biodiversity loss will destroy our environment and have devastating, irreversible effects. In an article related to bio-diversity loss, prevention is key to slow down the rate of growing numbers in species that are going extinct. To prevent further loss, understanding what led to the issue is important.

Biodiversity loss is caused by mankind and our growth. As we overpopulate a world by using its oil for fuel, land for agriculture, and polluting the earth with fossil fuels, biodiversity loss rates will continue to grow at its rapid rate which numbers have been seen to be higher than they ever have been before in the last 50 years(WWF). Destroying habitats for the good of mankind is what society has decided to take on. Other factors related to the cause are the decision to cut too many trees to make paper,furniture, and burn as fuel(WWF). Information like the Millennium ecosystem assignment can be used by groups like WWF and WCU to monitor and measure the decline in diversity among different plants and animals. Programs like the WCU take action to protect wildlife and land that should not be touched by...
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