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Importance of Biodiversity
Biodiversity can simply be defined as the variation of life at a given site or ecosystem. However, it is through this diversity that natural systems adapt, evolve, and thrive. Biodiversity increases ecosystem productivity; all of the species in that ecosystem, no matter their size, have a big role. A diverse ecosystem can prevent and recover from lots of disasters. Humans depend on plants and animals. For example, one quarter of all prescription medicines in the U.S. have ingredients from plants.  If a diverse ecosystem is more productive, it's easier to get these plants. Many biologists who study biodiversity confine themselves to the objective assessment of ecological processes. Others believe that scientists should comment on the moral, philosophical and political aspects of biodiversity.

Why Philippines has a very rich Biodiversity?
The Philippines has a very rich biodiversity because the country is located near the equator or in the tropical region. Countries in the tropics are blessed with good climate that makes them ideal places for life to flourish. It’s foggy, mossy and verdant mountains, as well as its warm and shallow waters host a remarkably large number of diverse and unique species found nowhere else on earth. The Philippines is an archipelago of many islands. Its more than 7,000 islands have remarkable landscapes and seascapes of ancient geological origins. It has many ecosystems ranging from forests to freshwater to coral reefs. They all serve as suitable homes for enormous varieties of plants and animals. The Philippines that we have today was a product of the rise and fall of the sea level, and the appearance and disappearance of the land bridges that connected the then "pieces" of the archipelago. He explained that more than 40 million years ago, the major islands in the country were largely isolated from one another. Million years later, some of the islands merged and came to share many species, but others...
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