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  • Published : January 16, 2013
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Biodiversity: Who Cares?

Biodiversity is important for many reasons. One reason it is important is for biological reasons. If biodiversity is affected in a biological community it can cause species to overpopulate or become extinct. These changes can cause issues with the goods and services that an ecosystem provides to humanity. Species’ functional characteristics influence the ecosystem properties. Every species depends on each other. If one is wiped out then another species will lose their food source and could be wiped out, too. Another species will overpopulate because they aren’t being hunted by the other species. Because of that species overpopulating they will eat too much of their food source and then they will start to die. Without all the different characteristics of a biological community it cannot survive.

In terms of aesthetic reasons biodiversity can be important to create beautiful scenery with all of the plants. The animals are also a part of the beauty. The plants and the animals rely on each other of course. So they work together to create beauty in the wilderness. What is more beautiful than seeing a deer grazing in a meadow, or hearing the birdsong in the trees? The variety of trees makes beautiful views up in the mountains. Out in a desert the cacti make it seem a little less barren and boring.

Then there are ethical points about biodiversity. Most people would think that it is very wrong to do anything to endanger any species or tree. A lot of people have strong opinions about cutting down too many trees. Yes, we do need wood for a lot of things, but there is way too much deforestation happening. The rainforests are a speck on our Earth compared to what they used to be. Taking away all those trees means that you are also taking away homes and food sources for a lot of animals.

In some ways, maintaining biodiversity is bad for the economy. That is because if we don’t cut down trees we could lose a lot of business in logging...
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