Topics: Education, High school, Birth control Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: February 8, 2012
Author: Dr. Chetan U. Chavan
Assistant Professor,
Gokhale Education Society’s College of Education & Research, Parel, Mumbai E-mail:
Mobile no.: 09029781458


The primary goal of sex education is promotion of sexual and reproductive health. There has been a dramatic change in the social scenario today. Adolescents often-welcome opportunities to talk about issues where people have strong views, like abortion, sex before marriage, lesbian and gay issues, contraception and birth control. In this context, the need for educational intervention at the school stage is strongly felt. The aim is to provide scientific knowledge to adolescents about various aspects of the process of growing up with particular reference to the reproductive health needs and thus enable them to cope with different problems. The scourge of the AIDS pandemic has added urgency to the need to introduce sex education in the schools. Hence this study tries to focus on and find out the needs of adolescents in regarding to sex education at secondary stage. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY

1. To find out the needs of adolescent boys in secondary schools regarding sex education. 2. To find out the needs of adolescent girls in secondary schools regarding sex education. 3. To compare the needs of adolescent boys and girls in secondary schools regarding sex education. RESEARCH DESIGN

The problem under the study necessitated the researcher to used survey method of research. For the collection of data from different types of secondary schools survey method was used. SAMPLING
In this study, researcher had done survey in selected 40 secondary schools, out of 53 secondary schools in Baramati tehsil in Maharashtra state. All schools were from rural area having coeducation system. All students were from middle class family. Their age group was 13-15 years. Questionnaires were filled up from one division of 8th or 9th standard of each school with purposive sampling....
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