Topics: Radio-frequency identification, RFID, Ubiquitous computing Pages: 4 (1566 words) Published: March 13, 2013
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RFID Microchip Technology and the "Internet of Things"more
by Dan Calloway
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RFID Microchip Technology and the “Internet of Things”
Daniel L. Calloway
dan@dancalloway.comCapella University, 225 South 6
Street, Minneapolis, MN 55402 1
Radio frequency microchip technology is anew innovation in IT that sprang out of theinvention of the microchip in the early 1950sand the advances this invention brought to(Radio-Frequency Identification) RFIDtechnology that developed in the early 1940s.The implications that RFID technology and,specifically, smart tagging has effected onsociety as a whole and on individualorganizations, through the direct benefits seenby both, are innumerable. The storing,interpreting, and use of relevant informationis becoming the

primary concern in the nextdecade due to the increasing merger of analogand digital media, and context. In the nextdecade, RFID smart tags implanted in staticobjects and the development of the RFIDnetwork known as The Internet of Things willallow pervasive computing, ubiquitouscomputing, and sentient computing, totransform our very environment—not just ourcomputers—such that it will become smarterbecause computing power and connectivitywill be embedded into it.  Keywords:

RFID, microchip, Radio-Frequency, smart tags, IT innovation 1. Discussion
A review will be made of radiofrequency microchip technology beginningwith a look at this technology from theperspective of its early development andcompared to that of its predecessortechnology, which led to the modern-daytechnology of RFID and the incorporation of smart tags into static objects supporting the  Internet of Things

paradigm. A look at howRFID smart tagging differs from traditionalbarcodes will also be undertaken. Furtherinvestigation will be conducted into howRFID microchip technology is a newinnovation...
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