Bio Technology and Society

Topics: Human, Medicine, Religion Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Biotechnology has helped to improve the lives of people for many years, and though the methods vary in its application, there is much that it has done towards assisting mankind. Technologists or scientists have the perspective of biotechnology as a means of providing modern techniques and ideas to enhance and improve agricultural production, advance in the medical field for the treatment of diseases and forensics as intricate cases are solved. The impact on society by biotechnologists in the area of agriculture has been immense, with the scientists being able to improve plants by selectively breeding for selected traits like high yields or by genetically modifying the plants. This is beneficial to society as population increases. Plants or even animals with desirable traits like resistance, better meat or wool can be produced through biotechnology. Gene therapy is also being used in the medical field to treat diseases like cancer and Parkinson’s disease. Profiling of DNA in forensics is also very crucial in determining DNA samples in crime scenes or even to identify parentage. Liberals who bear their views according to religion view biotechnology as an infringement of God’s plan for life, health, wealth, development and livelihood. They also argue that biotechnology tampers with life’s beginning, continuation and end. Some biotechnology practices like the use of organ transplants and the manipulation of human embryos may go against some faiths, and their standpoints are likely to affect the progress of biotechnology. Eugenists who advocate for a superior race practice improving the human race through controlling production, which is a form of biotechnology. This will have the effect of downgrading human rights which should not be the case, as everyone’s rights including those of the poor should be respected. It has met with resistance through the ages and had a big negative impact when it resulted in the Jewish holocaust, when Jews were considered inferior, and 6...
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