Bio Question Form 4

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4 Integrated BIOLOGY
To be done in small groups of 3 to 4 students in notebooks but one member of each group must email me the work that you did by midnight of the day the work was done. Tuesday 5th period:
1. Define movement.
2. Explain the need for movement in organisms (may be in point form or a short paragraph). 3. Name the bones that make up the human skeleton (use those listed in the Concise Biology Text). 4. State the functions of the human skeleton (there are three main ones). Wednesday 4th and 5th period:

1. Distinguish between spongy and compact bone in your long bones. 2. How would you define bone?
3. Explain how a joint is formed.
4. Distinguish between a ligament and a tendon.
5. Name the three types of joints and give three examples of each. 6. Explain what a synovial joint looks like and draw it from the Concise Biology Text. (Do not email me the drawing unless you have technology to take a picture of what you drew). Thursday 6th and 7th period:

1. Explain how muscles work (antagonistic muscles). To aid your explanation you are expected to draw a diagram showing how they work (Your concise and other texts commonly show you the triceps and biceps in the arm to explain how muscles work.) Here again unless you have available technology to take a picture of your diagram I do not expect to see the drawing in your email. 2. Create in your groups a power point presentation, a poem, a song or a poster summarizing movement based on the information done this week. (You are to create only one from the options.) These are to be emailed to me by Sunday March 11th 2012 at 12 MIDNIGHT. Make sure that all names of persons in the group are on the projects. If you choose to do a song or poem, you will not present this time around so just a copy of the words would be necessary unless you wish to perform it and email that version to me at . Have a great week!
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