Bio Project Sinusitis

Topics: Mucus, Infection, Immune system Pages: 4 (1018 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Syeda Fatima
What are sinuses?
Sinuses are basically hollow spaces in the bones behind the face

Sinuses are developed even before a person is born and sometimes continue to develop until the age of 20. There are four pairs of sinuses or eight all together.
Sinuses are located on either side of the nose in our cheeks, behind the eyes and between them, in our forehead, and at the back of the nasal cavity. The nasal cavity is basically the inside of the nose. The nasal cavity is lined with a mucous membrane. The mucous membrane helps to keep our nose moist by continually producing mucus that is the stuff that we usually call snot, so that we don’t get nosebleeds from a dry nose. -------------------------------------------------

Also located in our nasal cavity are little hairs known as cilia which block dust and dirt from entering the nose and getting into the lungs. Sinusitis is the most common disease in America.
* Sinusitis is usually associated with viral and bacterial infections * Can also be caused by allergies
* Sinuses produce mucous which is moved out the sinuses into the nasal cavity through the help of the tiny hairs in our nose * These hair act like a conveyor belt while moving the mucous into the nasal cavity * Whatever particles entering the sinuses land right into the mucous and are sent back to the nose * In order to get to the nose, mucous passes through the small holes in the bones surrounding the sinuses * Usually begins during a common cold

* Influenza also known as the flu
* Viral infections
* The mucous membrane swells up (point where)
* Presses against the hole through which mucous leaves a sinus(indicate) Blocks it Bacterial infections can also develop in some people when the sinus fills up and does not have oxygen and the holes which the mucous passes through are blocked because of the swelling of the mucous membrane Bacteria are already present in the nose but because of...
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