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Bio Gas

By | October 2011
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Description/overview of business idea

Indoor air pollution from solid fuel in developing countries causes millions of deaths each year, and generates an overall health burden five times larger than outdoor air pollution (WHO, 2005). “Indhan” is a start up biogas systems provider with its central office in Kathmandu, Nepal. It aims to reduce dependence on solid fuel / external energy by making rural household in Nepal use biogas technology. The Company initially aims to build biogas plants in Saptari and Siraha districts of Nepal – highly potential but low penetrated areas. We would promote 4 metric cube plants as the size of cattle per household is decreasing with the concept of nuclear family being popular in Nepal. Starting sixth year of its operation, Indhan will expand to other areas in Nepal. Indhan's goal is to install about 2,700 affordable biogas systems in rural Nepal during its first five years of operation. The systems employ simple technology and require inputs - animal manure and water - that are locally abundant. In addition to being commercially viable, the start-up will create other significant benefits, namely allowing poor households to economize on time and money spent on acquiring fuel and supplying an additional source of fertilizer. On average, farmers with at least two head of cattle or six pigs can generate sufficient biogas to meet their daily basic cooking fuel needs. The investment cost for a quality ‘fixed dome’ biogas plant varies between USD 184 and USD 241, depending on plant size. Such plants have a technical life of at least 15 years. It takes 12 to 15 days on an average to construct a biogas plant. Operating a biogas plant is easy and maintenance is cheap.

Indhan’s guiding corporate philosophy will encompass high quality products and unparalleled service.

When any organic matter such as cow dung, crop residue and kitchen wastes is fermented in the absence of oxygen, biogas is generated as a result of micro-organism...

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