Bio Experiment with Hermit Crabs

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  • Published : September 21, 2008
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Part 1 Guided Experiment
Identifying Your Organism:
Hermit Crabs- Coenobita brerimanus
Three features indicating that this is a living thing:
1.The hermit crabs crawl around in their aquarium
2.The hermit crabs eat their food
3.The hermit crabs respond to changes in their environment
The Hypothesis:
Hermit crabs prefer shade to sunlight
Data Sheet:
Hermit CrabLightShadeBehavior
HC #1XImmediately crawled back in to shade when placed in sunlight. HC #2XDid not come out of shell
HC #3XWandered around sunlight before returning to the shade HC # 4XImmediately crawled back in to shade after being placed in sunlight HC #1XDid not come out of shell
HC #2XDid not come out of shell
HC #3XCrawled around in the shade stopping where the light began HC # 4XImmediately crawled back in to shade after being placed in sunlight

The reason that it is better to repeat the investigation several times is due to the different variables that come up during the experiment especially when dealing with multiple organisms.

The results of the experiment supported my hypothesis and were very similar to those of my other classmate who used hermit crabs. Part II Own Experiment
Hermit crabs prefer a warmer climate over a cooler climate.
Experiment Description:
I will subject each hermit crab to a cold environment first and then a warm environment. I will test the cold environment by placing a box in the freezer for 10 minutes and then placing a crab in the box to observe their actions to the cooler environment. I will have 4 boxes for each of the 4 crabs. After conducting the cooler environment experiment I will place the 4 crabs in 4 separate boxes that are at room temperature. Meanwhile I will blow hot air over the top of the boxes making sure to hold the hair dryer used to create the warm environment at a couple feet away so that I don’t kill the crabs. I will observe the crab’s actions in the warm environment and...
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