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  • Published : November 3, 2011
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Enzyme Lab Experiments
Problem: How can we demonstrate how enzymes work? What happens if we alter the environment of an enzyme? Materials:
G;lucose Test StripsTest TubesPipettesRaw HamburgLettucePotato Raw LiverChalkBeakersDairy Lactose TabletWaterSugar
Solo Cups
Hot PlateKnifeGlovesSkim MilkGlow SticksPeroxide

1.If we change the environment via temperature the glow stick will Its intensity will change
2.If hydrogen peroxide is added to a certain food liver then It would bubble
3.If a lactaid enzyme to milk the
It would separate
Procedure (A):
1.Collect three glow sticks.
2.Boil water in 400 mL beaker add 1st glowstick for 30 minutes. 3.Place second glowstick in freezer for 30 minutes
4.Leave third glow stick at room temperature for 30 minutes 5.Observe and record findings.

Data Collected (A):
Place a glow stick in each environment below. Using a scale 1-3 1 being normal intensity 3 being brightest intensity
Boiling Water3
Room Temperature (control)2

Procedure (B):
1.Collect sample of raw liver, potato, raw hamburg, lettuce and chalk. 2.Place each sample in individual test tube in rack.
3.Observe samples prior to adding peroxide.
4.Add 1 mL of peroxide to each test tube
5.Observe and record findings
Data Collected (B):
Reaction after hydrogen peroxide is added. Using a scale of 0-5 0 Being no bubbles 5 being the most bubbles
Test tubeObservation before adding hydrogen peroxideObservation after adding hydrogen peroxide # 1 liverDark brown in color (expired meat)5
# 2 potatoInner slice with some skin2
# 3 raw hamburgNormal in color4
# 4 lettuceFresh green lettuce1
# 5 chalk Yellow colored chalk0

Procedure (C):
1. Enzyme Solution: Add one lactase tablet to 200 ml of water. Stir until the tablet is dissolved. 2.Skim Milk: This solution contains lactose.
3.Sucrose Solution:Add 5 grams of sugar to...
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