Bio Architecture Research Paper

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Research Paper

July 17, 2012

1. Biotecture

• Biotecture is the term used to define architecture that is influenced by biology. Biotecture makes use of organic materials such as plants, minerals, and organisms. In biotecture, nature itself is the ideal architectural construct.

2. Sustainable Architecture

• Sustainable means something that can be maintained at a certain rate or level. It can also be upheld and defended. Sustainable architecture is the term used to describe architectural designs that have environmentally conscious techniques. In sustainable architecture, the following aspects of building should be considered: atmosphere, longevity, energy, interface, and equity.

3. Zoomorphic

• Zoomorphic is the adjective form of the noun zoomorphism, which means “the use of animal forms in symbolism, literature, or graphic”. Following this definition, zoomorphic architecture is a new wave of contemporary architectural designs based on animals. In some designs, the animal stands as a symbol while in other structures, the design shares some elements of an animal in a more functional manner.

4. Biomorphic

• Biomorphic architecture is the architecture that has the form of a living organism. Biomorphic architecture uses nature as a model, and designs that are influenced by the structural principles and decorative motifs found in nature.

5. Nanoarchitecture

• Nanotechnology is the study of the control of matter on an atomic and molecular scale. Given this definition, nanoarchitecture is the integration of nanotechnology in architecture. Nanotechnology can be integrated into architecture by the use of nano-products, nano-materials, nano-telecommunication, or even nano-shapes.

6. Biomimicry

• Biomimicry simply means to imitate life. This is a new discipline that...
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