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  • Published : November 30, 2010
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Bio112 Lecture Quiz- 10/9/2010 Answer Key

1. The scientific study of life is called: A. biology B. ecology C. anatomy D. biochemistry E. limnology 2. Human beings are _______________ because they are composed of many cell types. A. unicellular B. acellular C. asymmetrical D. autotrophic E. multicellular 3. A/an _______ is composed of a group of similar cells that perform a particular function. A. organ B. system C. organism D. tissue E. population 4. Choose the CORRECT order (1-5) of increasing complexity/organization. A. (1) tissues, (2) organ systems, (3) cells, (4) organs, (5) organism B. (1) cells, (2) organ systems, (3) tissues, (4) organs, (5) organism C. (1) tissues, (2) organs, (3) organ systems, (4) cells, (5) organism D. (1) cells, (2) tissues, (3) organs, (4) organ systems, (5) organism 5. In an experiment designed to test the effect of temperature on goldfish respiration, the temperatures that were changed represent the ______ variable. A. control B. responding C. experimental D. correlative E. placebo 6. Which of the following is considered a basic tissue type? A. epithelial B. connective C. muscle D. nervous E. All of the above

7. ____________ exist as small biconcave blood cells that lack a nucleus when they are mature and carry oxygen throughout the body. A. Neutrophils B. Erythrocytes C. Platelets D. Monocytes E. Lymphocytes

8. ___________ receives sensory input, integrates data, and conducts impulses. A. Epithelial tissue B. Connective tissue C. Muscular tissue D. Nervous tissue E. Vascular tissue 9. The phospholipid bilayer that surrounds/maintains the integrity of a cell is called a: A. plasma membrane B. Sanger enclosure C. hydrophobic membrane D. dialysis membrane E. mosaic membrane 10. _____________ are small membranous structures that occur within the cell and have various functions. A. Matrices B. Organelles C. Cytoskeleton D. Golgi bodies E. Ribosomes 11. In the fluid-mosaic model of the plasma membrane, the phospholipid...
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