Bio 201 Lab 9

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AP- Bio 201

Lab Report:Nervous System

Please fill out this report and submit it to the dropbox. Do not hand in your own form. It will not be graded and you will receive a zero for the lab.

You must get all parts correct to get credit for the question

* Please note that although you do not hand in items in observations, it is very important to do these as you may see some of these items on future/associated lab quizzes or be asked about some of these concepts on unit assignments.

Step 1: Nervous Slides
Assignment 1:
1.What are the sensory components of this structure? What are the motor components of this structure?

2.What does “Nb” represent and what is the function of this structure?

3.What is the function of this tissue? Name one disease that affects this tissue.

Activity 1: Multipolar Neurons

Observations: (No submission)

Sketch your observations through the microscope of the neuron, the ox spinal cord smear, and the teased myelinated nerve.

Answer these Questions:

A.What is the functional difference between a neuron and a nerve? A neuron is a nerve cell and is a basic building block of the nervous system. Neurons also have special functions, like transmitting information throughout the body. A nerve is a bundle of neuron cells.

B.What gives a multipolar neuron its name? A multipolar neuron contains several short and highly branched processes known as dendrites and that’s what gives it the name.

C.What are the functions of the dendrites and axons? The dendrites receive signals from other neurons cells, and axons transmit these signals within our bodies.

Activity 2: Structures of Selected Neurons ( NO SUBMISSION)

Activity 3: The Neuroglia and Supporting Cells
Please fill in the cell corresponding with the description: .5 pts.

1.Support and brace neurons to nutrient blood capillaries: Astrocytes.
2.Provide protection and sense neuron injuries. Can be phagocytic. Microglia
3.Ciliated cells in the cavities of the brain that circulate cerebrospinal fluid. Ependymal
4.Makes the myelin sheath in the central nervous system.
5.Produces the myelin sheath in the peripheral nervous system: Schwann cell

Activity 4: Structure of a Nerve


A.What is the difference between an endoneurium and an epineurium? The difference between the two is endoneurium is a thin covering of loose connective tissue that surrounds an axon. The epineurium is a thick layer of connective tissue that surrounds the fascicles, nerve trunk.

B.Why are the connective tissue wrappings an important part of nerve structure? The connective tissue wrappings are important part of the nerve structure because it aids in keeping the axons close together so they can exchange signals rapidly and so these signals don’t get lost.

C.Differentiate the central nervous system from the peripheral nervous system. The peripheral nervous system is composed of nerves and groups of nerve cells (neurons), called ganglia. The nerves of the peripheral nervous system carry sensory (afferent) inputs to the central nervous system and motor (efferent) output from the central nervous systems to the skeletal and cardiac muscles and the smooth muscles of blood vessels. The central nervous system is the control tower of sorts; it collects information from sensory data sent from the receptors, and processes the information. This information is then interpreted by the peripheral nervous system, and it responds according to the data received. Step 2: Nervous tissue terms/slides

Answer the following questions AND list one slide example where these terms can be seen. 1.What happens at the Axon Hillock? The Axon hillock is a little confusing to me, but what I gather it is an action where the axon creates an electrical impulse that travels, and will do both temporal summation adding electrical impulse to occur across the body. 2.Why is a muscle...
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