Bio 161

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  • Published : May 1, 2011
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Is anatomy destiny ? no ; destiny can’t be pre determined everybody has a choice from the day they’re born. I’m a strong believer that you’re a product of your environment and society , that’s why I find Mahin Hassibi argument to be very appealing . Mahin Hassibi has a lot of strong points in the debate , modern times shake up the old notions is what attracted me to Mahin Hassibi position . John l. Rinn and Michael Snyder point about limited sex-biased gene expression in the adult brain is also very strong , anytime you have scientific proof to back data it’s impressive . they both have strong points and a lot of scientific data to back it up their debate . Human behavior is just a very complicated topic to analyze because there are so many different variables involved . John l. Rinn and Michael Snyder have a very powerful advantage on there their side ; biology science. This is the strong point of John l. Rinn and Michael Snyder debate ; genetics . Most men have more masculine genetic traits then females and most women have more feminine genetic traits then men . These hormones can have an effect on human behavior and their appearance. This can cause a boy to want to play sports and girl to play with dolls. This is common but there are many expectations , there a plenty of women that have a lot of estrogen in there genetic structure but just like to act masculine. The social norms isn’t concrete enough to make this argument valid something else has to play a factor into the acquisition to validate this argument . Culture is what makes who you are , not your genetic structure. Your appearance is given to you from your parents but the morals and behaviors you learn are taught . You are just a product of your environment and your society , that’s Mahin Hassibi strongest point. Your morals aren’t passed through DNA , that’s something you learn after your born . The only flaw I seen in Mahin Hassibi debate is the myth of “penis envy” , I didn’t find that part...
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