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Topics: Hypothesis, Scientific method, Theory Pages: 2 (285 words) Published: October 6, 2011
Bio 111-102
Homework #1, Lab 1 assignment

My group examined the correlation between standing height and leg length in centimeters for ten of our classmates. Our supposition was that there would be a direct relationship and similarity between standing height in centimeters and leg length in centimeters. Therefore, our hypothesis was, if leg length increases, then standing height will also increase.

1) The steps for the scientific method are:

• An observation is made

• A question is asked

• An tentative answer is posed, in the form of a hypothesis

• “if….then” method

• The prediction can be tested by experiments or additional observation

The name of the statistical test done in Lab 1 is the relationship between standing height and leg length measured in centimeters.

1) Independent variables: Something that is already known and is part of the experiment. The independent variable is something that has been controlled.

Dependent variables: The results of the experiment. It questions the speed of reaction.

On a graph, the variable X is the independent variable and the variable Y is the dependent variable.

2) See graph

3) a) In the graph, the independent variable is the time of exposure to UV light, and the dependent variable is the amount of bacterial growth (absorbance)

b) The type of correlation shown with the data in #3 is: the longer the amount of time passing in minutes, the less amount of bacterial growth there is.

c) The value of Pearson’s coefficient would be closer to +1

5) Hypothesis statement for the Smoking vs. Age example: If the percentage of people who smoke cigarettes decreases with age, then there will be a marked decrease over the passage of time of cigarette smokers.
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