Bio 101 Week One Disscusion Cuestion

Topics: Metabolism, Bacteria, Protein Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: May 15, 2013
1. There are many issues in the news today to which can apply the scientific method. How could you use an issue from the headlines to learn more about scientific method? The scientific method: is a tool that helps scientist-and the rest of us solve problems and determine answers to questions in a logical format. It provides step-by-step general directions to help us work through problems. If u use five steps to the scientific method: identify the problem, research a problem, formulate a hypothesis, conduct an experiment, reach a conclusion u will learn more about scientific method. 2. What event in the headlines could be used for discovery science? Explain. Climate change endangers common species. A wide variety of plants and animals are likely to become much less common if something isn’t done to avert the worst effects of a warming climate. Under a ‘’business as usual’’ scenario, where greenhouse gas emission aren’t significantly reduced, about 50% of plants and one-third of animals are likely to vanish from half of the places. 3. Explain how an understanding of basic chemistry might help scientist cure several diseases in the future. Can u identify any areas where understanding body chemistry is a hot topic of discussion today? Explain your answer. Well, what is boil down to is that everything is constructed of atoms, which are bound together in structures called molecules. Chemistry is the study of constructions of and interaction between these structures. Therefore, if you understand the chemical structure of a critical part of a disease causing organism you have taken major step in funding a...
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