Bio 101

Topics: Organism, Eukaryote, Bacteria Pages: 1 (293 words) Published: September 7, 2014
Yo mama so fat , she sat in a chair. This is bio 101 , taught by yo mama. I'm sorry this isn't a real document but I just need help with my homework and I don't have time for all of this. It'll be a shame if what i need isn't even on this site though. So from here on is just gonna be jibberish okay? Again I'm sorry? Jhfxyjfhjhjhkhhdtdtfnhjhjb hvydhbn hey nah gun hvybj hvybj hvybj him bun jvyctsghnh tcj her n f n him g j t j him ubufybknknugyfybj hvybj much hbi b mhvhgvhtdj gf. Ten hence. Ygcuchgvjhvjb uguhin ugh bug hgygubjbgufytsrygjcjgdjgcjtcjgcjgcjgcjgcjgcjgcjgcjgcjgcjhchj- chkvkjgjdhjgjrsjgfdjhfkhgckjgckjgckjgckjgckjgckjgjjhvhvhkvjv- jhvjhvjhvjhcjhchgchgcjgcjgcjgcjgcjgcjgcjgcmhgfckugfkhgckugck- hgckjgc,jhckjhvljhvljhv,jhvkjg,jgckjhvukgcugyihbjbjjvjvjvjvh,viyfkut. Kfsyteshtsyjrydjhfcjhfxjhfxjhfdjhfcjhgcjhckhfcjhfxjhfxmhfxjf- hcjhfxjfhshjfdjhfxhfxkhfxjhffxjhfxmhfxmhfxfxjhfxjhfxjhfdjhfx- jhfxjhfdjhfxjhfdjyfxjhfdjhfxjhrdjyrdjhfdjhggdjhtdjhgdjtjhtfh- jfhcgjjgvjhv Cells can be thought of as building blocks of organisms. Some organisms are composed of a single cell. Others, like ourselves, are composed of millions of cells that work together to perform the more complex functions that make us different from bacteria. It is difficult to imagine that humans are descendants of a single cell, but this is a common belief in the scientific world. Before we can understand how multiple cells can work together to create complex biological functions, it is necessary to understand what biological functions single cells are capable of performing on their own to sustain life.

There are different types of cells with individuated structures. Single-celled organisms have different cell structure than multi-celled organisms and plant cells have different structures from animal cells. These differences reflect differences in the functions that each of these classes of cells is required to perform. While the focus of this guide will be on the structures that compose complex...
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