Bio/100 Scientific Method

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  • Published : May 22, 2011
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The Scientific Method

The Scientific Method is a complex, yet simple process. It was designed to help scientist and every day people who face problems come up with a logical and tested solution. According to authors Pruitt and Underwood (2006), The Scientific Method is defined as “the set of procedures that form the rational approach to studying the natural world.” This method can be applied to something dealing with science or something that deals with everyday life. In the below paragraphs, this writer will explain the scientific method and how it was used to achieve results in a web-based experiment as well as a real life situation. This writer would begin the web-based experiment by researching and discover why plants grow towards the light. Once the results of the search are gathered, this writer would produce a hypothesis. The possible hypothesis is; plants grow toward the light because it is a critical part of the process known as Photosynthesis. This writer’s prediction is that if a plant is placed to grow near a window, the plant will lean toward the light. For the experiment, this writer would put three plants on a table with a window to the left of them and three plants on a table with a window to the right of them. Over the course of three weeks, this writer will observe and document the plants reaction to the light coming through the window. After careful review of the information documented, this writer can safely conclude that the plants with the window to the right of them, grew bent toward the light and the plants with the window to the left of them grew bent toward the light. This information does support my hypothesis that plants grow toward the light to help with the Photosynthesis process. There were many problems that this writer could have tested, but decided to test the most important one of all. This writer’s daughter is at the stage in her life where she is taking off her pamper, but refuses to become potty trained. What is...
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