Bio/100 Florida National Everglades

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Florida National Everglades
Maria Acosta
April 1, 2012
David Edward

Florida National Everglades
Florida Everglades National Park was first established in 1947. Thanks to the park and its founders it has played a crucial role in the importance for the survival of endangered species and the ecosystem surrounding it. “From a biological perspective, it is home to some of the most rare and endangered species in the U.S.; the West Indian manatee, the American crocodile, and more than a dozen others.” (“National Parks Conservation Association,” 2012). Everglades Nation Park has a span of 1,508,537.9 acres, and is home to a vast variety of plants and animals that have adapted to the wetlands. A major factor to the survival of the park is due to that hard work of scientists and researchers that point out the areas where the park needs help. A vast amount of volunteers also participate in the collection of biology and hydrology data. This date helps scientist and researchers evaluate the park’s condition. Everglades National Park is also a tourist park where people can learn and experience firsthand the amazing world out there. The park was first founded by Marjory Stoneman Douglas. Her mission was to preserve, protect, and restore the Everglades. Marjory was an editor in 1917 when World War I was engaging in Europe; and Navy ships where sent out to Miami to recruit men and women to help fight the war. Marjory went to the site to cover the story of the first woman who would enlist in the reserves. As it turned out, Marjory ended up being that first woman who was enlisted into the reserves. When the Red Cross closed down in Parris in 1920, Marjory came back home to Florida and began to write a column that talked about Florida and its geography. Everglades National Park was a project that Marjory supported in print; by serving on the committee Marjory was able to create the park. The park was officially designated in 1934 by congress, and it took...
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