Bingo vs Lays

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Project Report On
I.T.C - Bingo V/S Frito-Lays


Submitted By:Under the guidance ofSubmitted to:
Harpratap Singh- Prof. Santosh DharJ.K. Lakshmipat M.B.A II Semester(Professor MBA Dept)University,
- Mr. Sachin KadamJaipur
(Area Executive ITC Mumbai)


I hereby declare that my Project Report entitled “I.T.C - Bingo V/S Frito-Lays” is an authentic work done by me. The Project was undertaken as a part of the course curriculum of MBA of J.K. Lakshmipat University, Jaipur, Rajasthan. This has not been submitted to any other examination body earlier.

Date: Signature
Place: JaipurHarpratap Singh
MBA II Semester


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Prof. Santosh Dhar my project guide from Institute of Management, J.K. Lakshmipat University, Jaipur, Rajasthan and my company Guide; Area Executive Mr. Sachin Kadam for the successful completion of my project - I.T.C Bingo v/s Frito-Lays. I sincerely thank them for their extended support and encouragement from the initial to the final stages enabling me to develop a better understanding and provided me proper and correct direction for the completion of the Project work.

Date: Harpratap Singh Place: Jaipur MBA II Semester


Title| Page No.|
1.| Title| 1|
2.| Declaration & Acknowledgement| 2-3|
3.| Executive Summary| 5|
4.| Company Profile| 6-15|
5.| Industry Overview| 16-17|
6.| Project Objectives| 18|
7.| Research Methodology| 19-20|
8.| About Bingo & Lays| 21-34|
9.| Observations and Findings| 35-37|
10.| Data Collection, Representation & Interpretation| 38-48| 11.| Recommendations| 49-50|
12.| Conclusion| 51|
13.| Annexure| 52-53|
14.| References| 54|

Executive Summary

Since its launch period in March, 2007, BINGO as a brand has been through a lots of ups and downs. Both Branding and Sales and Distribution aspects of marketing for BINGO have been explored and matured to a large extent. Though the product itself is considered to be in a growth stage, with a market share of 16% in the branded snacks food category, it has been successful to a large extent in creating the required Brand recall for the category.

With the fast growing retail industry in India, competition has increased between the major market players. Companies are continually trying to engage and construct innovate ideas to service this market.

This project aims to study about ITC Bingo snacks and its competitor Frito-Lays. The project provides information about the various procedures followed by ITC with respect to distribution chain function, and client management and the comparison and interpretation of data collected in regard with the project topic. The project includes a mix of observation, interview and questionnaires. Initially a period of 45 days was dedicated to fieldwork under the guidance of Area Executive Mr. Sachin Kadam of ITC limited. An effort was made to understand the various servicing procedure, the typical areas/localities, and kinds of retailers, classes of customers and the sales and distribution process and the retailers’ point of view for Bingo and Lays Regular interaction was done with retailers and distributors about the response and flow of product and variants respectively along with the competitor Lays’. Through this it makes easy to understand the process of accessing the competitor’s response in that outlet.

1 week was dedicated to collect information of Frito-Lays regarding their marketing strategy, distribution and sales network and other useful information from the company officials. This project also includes the various tasks given to me by my AE...
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