Binge Drinking

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  • Published : April 22, 2009
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After reading the essay “Stop Babysitting College Students” by Froma Harrop, an editorial writer and columnist for the Providence Journal, the idea of having major universities taking a biased responsibility of its students drinking habits would by no means succeed. As an eighteen-year-old college freshman at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) who has just recently been exposed to alcohol, I can tell you that there are limited resolutions that any college or university system can do to prevent college students from not drinking alcohol. Most of the average college students’ weekend life and experience includes going to parties and having their fair share of drinks, but if a university put a guard on student consumption to prevent binge drinking and alcohol abuse, it would actually bring an obstruction to many college students. If universities were to eradicate that ability by dictating how students should drink, they would be removing the rights of free will which college students utterly embrace to and could lead to such chaos with student protests, rallies, and court cases on individual rights. It would also be unfair for the schools to uphold a responsibility in controlling and monitoring what students drink because it would take away the right for those students who do drink responsibly and handle their alcohol accordingly. Leading to say, students are the only ones who should be given the power of choice to drink responsibly, or not, and for the amount they drink. It’s obvious that there is illegal underage alcohol consumption in college on and off campus, but there is really little a university system can do that has enough power to stop an underage student from finding away to consume alcohol. As long as college students, legal and underage, drink with responsibility on or off campus without any means of causing disturbance, destruction, or injury to themselves or others, then the schools should not be held responsible nor care, for that matter, of...
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