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Topics: Asset, Balance sheet, Liability Pages: 33 (5732 words) Published: October 10, 2011
“Business Plan for Introducing a New Business Plan”

Submitted to:
Md. Tanvir Pavel
Senior Lecturer
Dept. of Business Administration
ASA University Bangladesh

Submitted by:

|Name |ID # | |Ahammed Sorif |ID # 081-12-0260 | |Nazia Dilshad |ID # 081-12-0252 | |Rayhan Ali |ID # 081-12-0258 | |Tanvir Alam |ID # 081-12-0270 | |Emam Hossain |ID # 081-12-0267 | |Abdullah-Al-Mamun |ID # 071-12-0552 |

Section: 3G
Group: B
Program: BBA

Submission Date: 09 August, 2009
Letter of Transmittal

August 09, 2009

Md. Tanvir Pavel
Senior Lecturer
Dept of Business Administration
ASA University Bangladesh

Subject: Submission of Assignment on “Business Plan”.

Dear Sir,
With due respect and honor we like to say that, it is great pleasure for as to submit you the assignment on “Business Plan for Introducing a New Business Plan”. To make this assignment we involved us in increasing, gathering and sharing adequate knowledge to make plan for starting-up a business. It will also be useful to us when we will enter in our practical life.

We would like to convey our special thanks and gratitude to honor to you for patronizing our effort with kind co-operation and time. We will also be very glad if it reflects the actual purpose.

Yours sincerely

Ahammed Sorif
ID # 081-12-0260
Nazia Dilshad
ID # 081-12-0252
Rayhan Ali
ID # 081-12-0258
Tanvir Alam
ID # 081-12-0270
Emam Hossain
ID # 081-12-0267
ID # 071-12-0552


At first we would like to thank our most honorable course teacher Md. Tanvir Pavel who has cordially helped us to prepare this assignment. There is lots of knowledge we have gathered during the making of this assignment.

We also take help from many books of Business and journals and also by browsing the website. A Business Plan is must before starting-up a new business. A well developed business plan helps to get loan from bank easily. Along this, it is an overall roadmap about the business which helps to operate the business activities properly.

Our plan is for a Beverage Co. business. There are many Beverage Co. in our country. For existing in the global competitive market we have made a well developed business model which will help us to run the business smoothly and also help to make a well-known brand in the beverage market.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary1
1. Company Summary/Information/Description3
1.1 Legal form of ownership3
1.2 Company Goals & Smart objectives3
1.3 Business Philosophy4
1.3.1 For our customers4
1.3.2 For our employee4
1.4 Company strengths and core competencies4
1.5 Start-up summary4
1.6 Company Locations and Facilities6

2. Products and Services7
2.1 Product Description7
2.2 Competitive Comparison7
2.3 Sales Literature / Publications8
2.4 Sourcing8
2.5 Future Products8

3. Marketing plan/Market Analysis Summary9
3.1 Market Segmentation9
3.2 Target market segment strategy9
3.3 Industry Analysis9
3.3.1 Competition and Buying Pattern 10
3.3.2 Main Competitors10

4. Strategy and Implementation Summary11
4.1 Marketing Strategy11
4.1.1 Promotional & Advertising Strategy11
4.1.2 Distribution...
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