Bim Revolutionise Qs Profession

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1) Introduction

2) Building Information Modelling (BIM), how it may revolutionise the QS profession

3) The Differences Between CAD and BIM

4) Highlight and discuss the future strategic skills of QS due to the advent of BIM and such like

5) References


Nowadays, the advent of information technology era has ushered in Building Information Modelling (BIM).

▪ It is an innovative new approach to building design, construction and management which has been introduced by AUTODESK (2002). ▪ BIM have an impact on most areas of business management and operation. ▪ It changed the way industry professionals worldwide think about how technology can be applied to building design, construction and management. ▪ It will revolutionise methods of working and redefine the relationships between construction professionals. ▪ It will challenge current thinking on contracts and most importantly, it will support the integration of the design and construction teams. ▪ BIM supports the continuous and immediate availability of project design scope, schedule and cost information that is high quality, reliable, integrated and fully coordinated.

BIM provide a visual aspect of the design, hence simplifying the work on the construction site. Thus, Building Information Modelling (BIM) may be considered as the current state of art in CAD developments.

▪ Advances in drawing technology which is Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) make the researchers and practitioners working hard to exploit CAD data in order to generate Bills of Quantities. ▪ Currently it is being implemented by a significant number of architectural and engineering practices, and has the potential to revolutionise the quantity surveying profession.

An effective definition of BIM is provided by Schwegler,

the process of creating an information database for a project in which lifecycle information is expressed in an interoperable manner to create, engineer, estimate, illustrate and construct a construction project.

• In this system, the design data will be kept in digital form which will make it easier to update-better coordination and it will be more valuable to the industry professionals. • Apart from that, creating real-time, consistent relationship between digital design data with innovative parametric building modelling technology

Can save significant amount of time, money and increase the project productivity and quality

The Differences between CAD and BIM

Building Information Modelling (BIM), how it may revolutionise the QS profession

Due to the auto-measurement created by BIM we are able to inform the design as it develops with the knowledge of quantity and cost, not just measure and cost the design, which is often too late. Apart from that it will also facilitate the preparation of accurate estimates.

|The process of taking the existing design information at design development stages and modelling it in 3D are used in terms of the | |identification and as an aid to eliminate clashes and co-ordination errors. | |Once we developed the 3D modelling and process it to dynamically populate Bills of Quantities and specification from models. | |The BIM services became in demand by being able to compete on cost with traditional methods but able to respond faster and benefits of | |the core process of modelling to provide a visual record of what has been measured where. |

Therefore the quantity surveyor does not have to do estimates and measurement for the project.

Thus, the quantity surveyor does not have to do Bills of Quantities and specification for the project.

Using BIM is like we use the best available technology to do things faster and better, and eliminate waste and repeated work. In order to avoid the inefficiencies we need to normalise data,...
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