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Topics: Construction, Building Information Modeling, Question Pages: 3 (874 words) Published: June 19, 2012
I got an in-depth questionnaire email and was really impressed by a student at KU who asked the following questions about BIM, who showed an understanding of BIM and was asking some great questions... my answers were as follows:

Research regarding BIM in the Construction Industry:

Please answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge. Thank you for your help and time.

Do you see more companies (construction and/or engineering) integrating BIM into their work? Why?

There are definitely more companies beginning to adopt and integrate BIM technology in their businesses. The basic reasoning behind this shift is a fundamental understanding that BIM will save them time, money and be more marketable to clients. There also is a large shift in thinking within the construction industry, specifically towards being able to communicate more effectively, which ultimately saves costly changes due to inaccurate information.

How does BIM help McCownGordon in: 1) Design 2) Estimating 3) Construction 4) Post Construction?

1. In the design phase we use it a couple of ways. The first is that we use the model to create business development models. These models are what we use to visually quantify the cost of the project to an owner. So when we submit a budget we also submit a 3D representation of the estimate. We also begin to run our clash detection reporting and issue those reports at key meeting dates in tandem with resolution responsibilities.

1-2. I think that design and estimating dovetail into the other. However, in the estimating phase of the process we begin in the schematic design phase and begin tying or “mapping” model components to our estimate. This begins to streamline the process for us when we receive a new model, we can utilize that same mapping to update our sf and assembly costs. Also with a BIM model we have the ability to visually quantify in a 3D environment, the components we have or have not assigned costs to, which boils...
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